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A beautiful hand towel DIY that you will cherish forever.

A beautiful hand towel DIY that you will cherish forever.
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It is slowly time to start thinking about autumn and its beautiful decorations. Try year you should try making your own decor pieces, they are truly special and you will value them forever. This DIY idea by Midget Momma is the perfect first fall DIY of the year! Use your kids little hand to create these beautiful fall leaves hand towels. 


  • 2 Teatowels (white or cream works better) 
  • Fall colour fabric paint (yellow, red, orange, brown or to your taste) 
  • Paper plate
  • Paint brushes (foam and thin tip) 


  1. On a paper plate, pour a quarter size of each paint colour.
  2. Using the foam brush, "paint" your precious child's little hand with one colour and gently press their hand onto the tea towel. Repeat this step with different colours until the towels are covered in hand prints. 
  3. With the thin paint brush, outline the hand prints using brown paint. You can also create leaves veins with that same brush. 
  4. Let the paint completely dry before using the towels. 

Isn't it lovely? Are you excited for the fall?

Source: midget momma · Photo Credit: Facebook - Midget Momma Blog

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