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A man and his wife built low walls in the garden! Why? It is wonderful!

A man and his wife built low walls in the garden! Why? It is wonderful!
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A dream project for this wonderful couple!

This project is the kind of project I would like to achieve at my retirement!

You know, gardening every summer without thinking of going to work. This is exactly the kind of project that can be planned in advance, because you have to accumulate a good number of windows to realize it!

That's what this couple did!

You will see in this gallery, the steps to realize this magnificent greenhouse made partly of windows taken from old buildings. This gives the greenhouse a crazy style!

Good visit!

A foundation



They began with a solid foundation so that the building does not move and the windows will easily open and close. Then, they chose to make the bottom walls of concrete block.

The roof


They then mounted the walls securely and covered the frame of the roof with very light plastic sheets that let the sunlight goes through to to give plenty of vitamin C to the flowers!

Ready to install windows


The windows are ready to be installed! Do you see where we are going? The mini greenhouse is starting to look like something! Continue your visit in the gallery!

Just need to paint and decorate


Voilà! Windows of all kinds, all sizes and colors! They have been fixed with hinges! So you'll be able to open them on the top! All they have to do is to paint and decorate everything! It will be magnificent!

Once all painted!


It is already already magnificent! But wait to see once they have decorated it! WOW! It will be even more beautiful!

(Their realization!))




A greenhouse without flowers is not a greenhouse! It is STUNNING! Do you see yourself in this beautiful little greenhouse? I DO!

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