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DIY: How to make a succulent and moss garden turtle.

DIY: How to make a succulent and moss garden turtle.
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Summer is not over yet! There is still time to accomplish a few little project just like this adorable turtle from the Gardening in the shade. This turtle made of succulents and moss is not only cute, but also a very nice decor element in the back or front yard. 


  • A hanging basket
  • Coconut liner 
  • 4 small clay pots
  • Sphagnum moss 
  • Wire mesh (chicken wire)


  1. You will need to keep the metal part of the flower basket.
  2. Fill the receptacle with potting soil, and fix a fabric underneath with the wire mesh in order to hold everything in place.
  3. Shape the head and tail of the turtle with the moss, and use wire mesh to hold everything in place.
  4. Attach the legs with wire. You can cover them with moss, paint them or even leave them as it for a natural look. 
  5. Drill small holes in the shell of the turtle, and plant your cacti and other succulents there!
  6. You can fill the holes with moss: as you go, the plants will grow and fill the space. All you have to do is water and maintain your garden turtle with care, to obtain the a beautiful result!

You can watch the tutorial below for more details.

Do you like garden DIYs? 

Source: Demotivateur · Photo Credit: Demotivateur

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