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He lays 4 leaves of rhubarb on a mound of soil! I had never seen see before!

He lays 4 leaves of rhubarb on a mound of soil! I had never seen see before!
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Would you like to see more birds in your garden?

Perhaps you have already DIY a bird house that you hung in your garden?

All you want now is a bath for birds!

May how to make a birds bath?

It is so simple!

With giant leaves of rhubarb, or another plant, as long as they are giant, some soil and cement!

We will explain the detail in this article and you also will find a video at the end!


- 2 bags of garden soil
- Leaves of rhubarb or another sort of leaf, as long as it is giant
- A quick-setting cement bag
- Water
- A bucket


1) Pour the 2 bags of garden soil on the ground and make a solid mound. You’ll use this mound as a mold for the birds bath.
2) Then lay the leaves on top of the mound.
3) Prepare the cement by adding a little more water than the recipe suggest on the instructions
(We want the cement to be more liquid so that it molds all the details of the rhubarb leaves).
4) Start adding the cement to the leaves. Try to keep the leaves on the mound of soil.
5) Give the shape you want your birds bath to look like, you do not have to follow the shape of the leaves.
6) Let dry for 24 hours.
7) After 24 hours remove the leaves, use a wire brush to brush the cement in case bits of leaves remain in the cement.

Add water to the birds bath and it is now ready to use!
Time will make your bird bath dirty and will become the same color as the one at the beginning of the video. No need to paint it, the cement will change color by itself.

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