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She dips a whole ball of wool in glue! The decoration is absolutely gorgeous and it costs nothing!

She dips a whole ball of wool in glue! The decoration is absolutely gorgeous and it costs nothing!
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A perfect realization!

Do you like tinkering to decorate the house? Here is a wonderful project to do for less than $15! And you will see some models, sizes and colors at the very end of this gallery, to inspire you!

I have to admit that black tempts me a lot !! Perfect for a modern decor!

The Youtube channel MADE Everyday shows us how to succeed this project made with glue and wool or rope! And look at the colors!! The lampshades are MAGNIFICENT!

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Youtube screenshot

Youtube screenshot


-Wool of cotton or raw rope
-3 pots of white glue or a very large one that we find in stores of material for artists or in supermarkets
-A large balloon (optional) of spray paint (the turquoise was painted)
-An electric bulb (Ikea) -> HERE
-One LED bulb
-A 3/8 inch L-shaped clamping connector
-A metal washer of 4.45 cm (1 3/4 inch)
- Small garbage bags to make a disposable apron, and protect the work surface, an excellent trick!


Youtube screenshot


1) Place garbage bags all over the work surface.

2) In a large bowl pour the 3 small pots of white glue or a large pots of 950 ml and a half jug of water. The idea is to mix these two ingredients equally. Half the bowl with glue and the other half with water. Mix well.

Prepare the ball

Youtube screenshot

Youtube screenshot

3) You will need a large opening to let the light diffuse! Draw a large circle under the balloon, draw a small circle on top of the balloon to be able to pass the electric support for the bulb and also mark an X the entire contour of the cap to inflate the balloon. So you can deflate it then children can reuse it.

Last steps

Youtube screenshot

4) Damp the ball of wool directly in this mixture keeping a good length unrolled!

Youtube screenshot

5) Wrap the whole balloon to cover a maximum of the surface, but leave some openings that the light can pass between the pieces of wool

Youtube screenshot

6) Pour the remainder of the water-glue mixture on the ball.

Youtube screenshot

7) Let dry 2 whole days on a smaller bowl so that the contour under the balloon does not touch anything!

Youtube screenshot

8) Deflate the balloon with a rod that is normally used to inflate

9 Attach the power cord to the lampshade!

The result

Youtube screenshot

Youtube screenshot

10) You can even spray paint on rope! The turquoise was painted!

Are not them beautiful lampshades !?

On video

Source: youtube · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran youtube

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