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You can crochet the most adorable birds thanks to these patterns!

You can crochet the most adorable birds thanks to these patterns!
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1. Crochet Budgie

This beautiful blue bird has flexible legs! Get the pattern here


2. Crochet Cockatiel

You can get the pattern here or even buy an already made one!


3. Crochet Parrot

This beautiful parrot requires crocheting and embroideries! You can get it here


4. Crochet English Robin

This pattern is free and we must say it is absolutely adorable! Click here for the free pattern. 


5. Curious Crow

Requires intermediate skills, these crows make a very cute couple! Get the free pattern here

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6. Crochet Hummingbird

Perfect for na intermediate level crocheter, you will need a 2mm hook and any yarn combo you like! Here is the pattern. 


7. Crochet Macaw Parrot 

This is probably the most popular bird pattern! And with reason, it is so beautiful! Find the pattern here


8. Crochet Blue And Yellow Macaw

This majestic bird requires a lot of work, but the final result is splendid. Get the pattern here


9. Crochet Cockatoo

This white cockatoo will really impress all of your family! Get the pattern on this website


10. Crochet Blue-Tit Birds 

These adorable little birds look so realistic in the nest!  Here is the patten. 

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11. Crochet Cardinal

Here is a small project for an intermediate crocheter!  Find the pattern here


12. Crochet Baby Flamingo

What a cute gift! You can get the pattern for free here.

 13. Crochet Owl 

Another cute free pattern! You can find it herehere


14. Crochet Mom and Baby Ducks

This would be the perfect gift for a baby shower! The pattern can be found here


15. Crochet Chickens

These vintage chickens are too cute! See the pattern here

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Which one is your favourite?

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