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18 ways to make your garage the most organized part of your entire home!

18 ways to make your garage the most organized part of your entire home!
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Everyone knows, the garage is often the room where all the objects end without specific storage place.

In order to prevent this part of your house from becoming a real mess, the website has listed 18 ways to organize this room which would probably need to be tidy.

Most tips are easily achievable, so you can do it!

1. Strings to hold your balloons in place

That way, they will not move!

Designed to Dwell

2. Magnetic strips

In order to easily store all your metal pieces.

Better Homes and Gardens

3. Old cans

A good way to recycle them!

hi sugarplum

4. A holed board

You can easily organize several of your tools.


5. Old Plastic Pots

You can organize all your screws, elastic and tiny pieces.

At Larsson

6. Use plastic dividers

A good way to sort your types of screws and nails!

hi sugar plum

7. Old PVC pipes

You can store all your brooms, rakes, and mops.

Ashbee Design

8. Install old plastic bins on the wall

A simple way to add storage space.

The Family Handyman

9. Install a bike rack

This will prevent you from tripping in.

Bike Forums

10. A garbage bag dispenser

Who said that this type of dispenser used only paper towels?

Life Hacker

11. Small baskets of metal

A simple way to add uncomplicated storage spaces!

House & Home

12. Make yourself a wooden chest.

You can store so many items!

Pretty Handy Girl

13. An organizer of adhesive tapes

You will never lose them again at the bottom of a drawer!

Popular Woodworking

14. Label your boxes and trunks.

You will never forget what they contain!

A Bowl Full of Lemons

15. A bucket for encircling your watering can

No more water damage!

Martha Stewart

16. Wheeled shelves

You can easily modulate your furniture according to your space.


17. Store your stool on the ceiling to avoid tripping

From top to bottom!

Wilker Do's

18. Store your light objects high

Maximize the space.


Source: · Photo Credit: HomeTalk

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