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When baby moved to a big kid bed, this father used the baby bed in the kitchen!

When baby moved to a big kid bed, this father used the baby bed in the kitchen!
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You may not know it, but you could do something beautiful and practical with a baby bed that no longer serves!

They are made of solid wood, they often have very interesting wood panels and their format makes them really practical to build something else!

In any case, the lifetime of a baby bed is limited in the house : unless you have several children in a row, it is a mandatory investment, but for a very short period of time. As they are quite expensive, it is better to reuse them in a practical and even decorative way!

You'll see 15 brilliant use of a baby bed: you will surely find your inspiration for yours!

Whether it is support in the kitchen, as a corner shelf, as a DIY space, asmagazine rack, as a bench, a dog cage, etc. Look at all the possibilities, you will surely like one in the lot! [Pub]

In the kitchen, for storing pans.
In the workshop, to store the equipment.
A nice bench in the entrance.
Or a nice bench on the balcony!
Installed on a door, you get a support to dry the laundry.
In the game room to hang accessories.
A baby bed can become a convenient desk!
Also great to use as a dresser!
A little bit of DIY will be necessary to store books.
As a magazine holder in the bathroom or living room!
This magazine holder gives a unique look to the room.
A doll trolley for children!
A magnificent dog cage.
A unique billboard!
As a security barrier in the house.

Source: Faith Tap · Photo Credit: Faith Tap

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