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Gift Ideas

Creative last minute Christmas gift ideas

Creative last minute Christmas gift ideas
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Christmas is only a few days away and if you still haven't gotten all of your gifts, we selected a few ideas from our friends at Blossom. These DIYs are really easy to do and will impress that picky family member! If you want to learn how to make them, simply follow the directions below and you can even follow the instructions with a video. Sometimes it's better to give the gifts than to receive them. 

Elf Socks


1. Insert a bottle of vine in a long Christmas sock.

2. Fold the heel bottom into the toes part.

3. Fold the other sock of the pair and insert it in the part you just folded creating a foot shape.

4. Place a ribbon on the top part of the bottle hanging out of the sock.

Candy Cane Centrepiece 


1. Use an empty and clean can to use as the vase.

2. Glue Candy Canes all around the cane using a hot glue gun.

3. Secure the canes with a ribbon. 

4. Place your favourite flower inside the can.

Peppermint Candy Bowl


1. Place the peppermint candy in a pan lined with parchment paper. 

2. Bake the candy at 350F until they melt.

3. Remove the parchment paper and the melted candies and press them on the bottom part of a bowl.

4. Let it sit until it's cooled down. 

Champagne Pineapple 


1. Use hot to glue to apply Glue Ferrero Rocher chocolates all around  a bottle of Champagne.

2. Use green silk paper on the top on the bottle to create the pineapple leaves.

3. Secure with a ribbon.

Will you be trying any of these this Christmas? 

Source: Blossom · Photo Credit: blossom

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