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Do not throw away your old bath towels .... What she does with them will save you money

Do not throw away your old bath towels .... What she does with them will save you money
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Would like to get your old bath towels transformed and save money? Here is the perfect project for you.

With a few sewing stitches and your hands, you will be able to make yourself a very fluffy and really cute bath mat. So, you will not have to spend for a carpet in store!

Here are the materials to start this project:

  • 3 or 4 bath towels
  • Cutting mat (recommended but optional)
  • Rotary cutter (recommended but optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins and needle
  • Sewing thread

And now, here is a summary of the procedure (we recommend you to watch the video at the end of this page):

* Cut towels into strips 3 inches wide using your cutting mat and rotary cutter (you can still do the work with a standard pair of scissors but handling the strips will not be that simple).

* Place three (3) strips on top of each other - If necessary, pinch up and make a few stitches (remove the pin).

* For the top band, fold one side towards the center (starting at the top) and do the same with the other side (you will get a thin strip in the center).

* Pinch and repeat the process to fold the entire band (removing pins as you go). Repeat with the other two strips.

* Make a braid with the three (3) strips by removing the pins as you go.

* Once the first braid is completed, repeat the process to produce a long braid (you will need to sew the ends together).

* Once the long braid is completed, secure the end with wire.

* On your work surface, you only have to turn the braid on itself to create a tight spiral. Make sewing stitches here and there to secure everything in place.


Here is a video that will help you learn the technique.

Source: · Photo Credit: Photo(s) à la une / article : Capture écran via Fity/Buzzfeed (page facebook)

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