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In 1 hour, she makes a last-minute gift for a friend who was simple amazed!

In 1 hour, she makes a last-minute gift for a friend who was simple amazed!
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This idea is good at all times, for the home and at the cottage or to offer a personalized and economical gift without bothering you!

Did you know that a large container of vegetable fat (Crisco) can burn like a candle for 8 hours each day for 45 days? It's impressive! Simply melt the fat, pour it into a container with a candle wick and once solid, the "candle" will burn for hours!

We could be satisfied with this, but it is much prettier with a little bit of dye to color and essential oils to give it a good smell!

You will never have to buy candles now that you know how to make them for a few dollars!


  • Crisco Vegetable Fat
  • Candle wick (DIY stores)
  • Hot glue
  • Pots
  • Straw
  • Dye from felts or pastels
  • Essential oil of your choice


Glue a wick to the bottom of a pot with the hot glue gun.

For a deeper pot, put the wick in a straw, it will be easier to fix it at the bottom.

Wrap the wick around a straw or pencil to keep it straight.

Melt the fat in a bain-marie.

For the dye: do not put food coloring, as it contains water, it will not mingle with the fat. Instead, use the ink of a felt pencil or pastel grains that will mix well with the grease. This is what the lady used to color her 2 preparations.

Add 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice. To have a candle that keeps the mosquitoes away, use lemongrass.

Pour the fat into the pot and leave it at room temperature until the candle is solid or refrigerate the pot for 1 hour.

When the fat is solid, cut the wick rather short.

You can decorate your pots if you want to decorate them or give them as a gift: a beautiful ribbon, sequins, rope, jute, etc. Follow your inspiration!

You can watch all the steps of this preparation in this video.

Source: YouTube · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran YouTube

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