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Would you dare to wear one of these 20 designer creations?

Would you dare to wear one of these 20 designer creations?
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Every year, fashion designers look for original ideas to present to the public. But is there really no limit to creativity? Seeing what comes out on the catwalks and in stores, we sometimes think that classic is better!

Would you dare to wear these 20 outfits and accessories that don't go unnoticed (but maybe not for the right reasons!) 

1. A skirt made of ... car mats?

It could maybe handy in the rain ...

source: balenciaga/instagram

2. Confusing sweater

Would this be a good outfit for a first date? 

source: Country 101.1/twitter

3. Sexy Beach Flip Flops

To match your bathing suit!

source: © crimesagainstshoemanity/instagram

4. A leggings to be worn only for an anatomy lesson.

We have no words!

source: mirdarthos/imgur

5. A slightly missed Little Mermaid costume.

It must be hard to breathe in this one!

source: rjr1/imgur

6. High-heels flip flops

We do not suggest them for sport ...

source: mullrrr/twitter

7. "Poison ivy" shoes

To keep the unwanted people away?

source: crimesagainstshoemanity/instagram

8.  Not one, not two but four belts! 


source: unknown author/imgur

9. A fake tan t-shirt

And very hairy!


10. A cow udder handbag


source: uglydesign/instagram

11. Some really imposing shoes

For a cartoonish look!

source: uglydesign/instagram

12. A designer dress

... that looks like a bag of onions

source: imgur

13. A Barbie leg heel shoe

You know what to do to fix broken heels. Visit your child's room!

source: © crimesagainstshoemanity/instagram

14. A jeans bustier top

Basically, it is enough to cut an old pair of jeans. No need for a designer. 

source: jadewilksx/twitter

14. A hoodie for carnivores

The nightmare of vegetarians and vegans. 


15. Steve Buscemi Leggings 

She must really like his work! 

source: AngelaBrisk/twitter

16. A ninja style winter set

Here is one who must be afraid of harsh Canadian winters ...

source: /imgur

17. A handbag that is nothing more than a copy of an IKEA bag

You might be asked to leave it at the checkout if you shop with it at the furniture store. HA,HA! 

source: ThuyOng/twitter

18. A t-shirt with a lot of holes

Is this a fabric that breathes? We sure hope so!

source: linskatoch/twitter

19. Jeans? Shorts?

Why not both?

source: Patras Events

20. Cowboy flip flops


source: TopAusCasino/twitter

Would you wear any of these items?

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Bright Side

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