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He glued felt on a terracotta pot! What he made will make the neighbors green with jealousy !!

He glued felt on a terracotta pot! What he made will make the neighbors green with jealousy !!
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Would like to own your own food smoker but you find them too expensive?

Did you know that it’s very easy to make a smoker with Terracotta pots?

In addition when you consider that you can buy these terracotta pots very little in dollar stores ... This small project becomes VERY interesting!

Would you like to make one too?

You can smoke any meats you want!

And did you know that it’s now possible to get scented wood chips? Imagine all the possibilities! You’ll spend your summer testing delicious aromas on your favorite meats!


- Two clay pots from 30 to 40 cm (12 to 16 ")
- Felt rolling adhesive --- >>> HERE
- Circular grill that fits the size of your pot
- A brick
- Oven thermometer up to 220 ° F
- 1 eye bolt with 2 washers and 2 nuts - 0.95 cm (3/8") ou.27 cm (1/2") x 15.24 cm (6")
- 1 bolt with washer and nut - 0.6 cm (1/4") x (5.08 cm 2")
- From 1 U-shaped stud to make the handle, 15 cm (6 ") long
- A drill with a small bit so as not to crack the pot
- Coal
- Scented wood chips of choice
- Wine corks
- Aluminum paper


1) Glue the felt to the rim of the clay pots
2) Drill the pot and install the U-shaped stud to make the handle
3) Drill the pots as in the video to ventilate the smoker
4) Fill the holes with the shaves wine corks
5) Light the charcoal
6) Place a brick at the bottom of the smoker and put the circular grill on top of the brick
7) Add the charcoal, then the scented wood chips
8) Then add the top grill
9) Add the meat to be smoked
10) Cover with the second terracotta pot, place a piece of aluminum foil folded over the hole of the pot and poke it through with the thermometer

You now own your own home smoker!

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