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The 10 most beautiful breads.

The 10 most beautiful breads.
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Everybody loves bread (unless you have a gluten intolerance) and nothing can quite be as satisfying as a good piece of fresh bread. But did you know that it can also be beautiful? Almost too pretty to be eaten! 

Take a look at these 13 breads that will inspire you to go bake in the kitchen.

1. Almond Bread

This beautiful braided bread would make a really tasty breakfast. Find the recipe here

Taste of Home

2. Veggie Bread

These loaves are true piece of art!

Facebook - Aleksandra Rukavina

3. Apple Fritter Bread

Apple and cinnamon are the best combo!

Tip Hero

Watch the recipe:

4. Pepperoni Bread

This is a classy take on pepperoni pizza! 


Watch the recipe:

5.  Star Shaped Bread

How beautiful! Perfect for the holidays or any special occasion. 


Watch the recipe:

6. Tree Bread

This sesame tree of life looks so delicious! 

Instagram @blondieandrye

7. Focaccia 

Who would have thought that vegetables can looks this pretty?

Instagram @lucele_foodandwine

8. Sweet Potato Buns

Looks so delicious! A beautiful snack for the guests. 

Instagram @yndal33

9. Sourdough

These beautiful loaves took 36 hours to make!

Instagram @he.dough.and.batter

10. Boule 

French for "Ball" this traditional bread seems perfect for cooler months! 

Instagram @barefoot_baker_

Are you a carbs-lover? What is your favourite bread? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Facebook - Aleksandra Rukavina

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