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This tortilla hack is a true game changer for any meal!

This tortilla hack is a true game changer for any meal!
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Here's another incredible TikTok food hack! How annoying is it when you spend minutes trying to fold a tortilla and then all the toppings fall? There is nothing more frustrating! This hack is a real life-changer when it comes to tortilla folding! It works every single time.

  1. First, lay your tortilla (or other flat bread) and make a small cut on one side going only halfway. 
  2. Add your favourite toppings as if the tortilla had four different quarters. 
  3. Fold the wrap starting with the quarters that is next to the cut. Then put each section on top of one another. Basically every topping will be a layer. 
  4. Heat or toast to your preference. Enjoy!

Watch the video below! 

Here are a few ideas to try this hack. 

Pizza Tortilla

Breakfast Tortilla

Dessert Tortilla 

Simply use your favourite ingredients and put them in the tortilla! Share your favourite combination in the comments! 

Source: Delish · Photo Credit: TikTok @alpafoodie

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