10 best bouquet ideas that aren't roses for Valentine's Day!

These are great ideas that will really surprise your significant other!

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Are you still looking for gift ideas for your partner for this Valentine's day? We have found the perfect bouquets ideas that aren't flowers - to really surprise your significant one this time! Take a look at the list below:

1. Donut Bouquet

If your partner has a sweet tooth, they will enjoy this donut bouquet way more than flowers!

2. Beef Jerky Bouquet 

For all the meat lovers! You can get a beef jerky bouquet from "Say it with Beef" and the bouquet looks pretty good to be honest!

3. Beer Bouquet

This is probably the most manly bouquet ever! It comes with 12 beers from around the world and delicious snack to enjoy the beers with. Available at Gourmet Gift Basket and perfect for any beer loving husband!

4. Reese's Bouquet

If your soulmate likes peanut butter and Reese's chocolates, you have to get them this Reese's Bouquet from Walmart!

5. Bacon Bouquet

This bacon bouquet almost looks like roses! But is edible and delicious, a great choice from Bacon Addicts.

6. Ice Cream Bouquet

How beautiful are those ice cream bouquets! They looks absolutely delicious.

7.  Cupcake Bouquet

Can you believe that this cupcake is made out of cupcakes? This Cake Decor creation looks incredible.

8. Salami Bouquet

This bouquet from Olympia Provisions was featured on Oprah! If it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for your partner!

9.  Krispy Kreme Bouquet

The popular Krispy Kreme doughnuts chain lets you create your own bouquet with your partner's favourite doughnuts! Maybe you can even steal one or two. 

10. Fruit Bouquet

This is an healthier alternative, the fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements - looks so yummy! 

What do you think of these bouquet ideas? Or do you prefer just giving flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day? Either way, we wish you have a lovely moment with your loved one.