10 craft ideas using rocks to have fun while staying home!

Cheap ideas to encourage your kid's creativity during self-isolation!

Tips and Crafts

If you already run out of all your craft supplies, do not worry! Simply use rocks that you can find in your back yard or outside to create fun and creative pieces of art! Your kids will be proud to display them outside once they are finished. All you need is rocks and paint! Have fun.

1. Cactus

Paint some rocks with green paint and decorate them according to your imagination! Then "plant" the cactuses in pots and display them in your home.

2. Candles

Make a pile of rocks that you previously decorated to make the most beautiful candle holder! Be sure to supervise your kids all the time if you are doing this craft.

3. Garden worms

Create cute little garden bugs to decorate your back yard.

4. Rock vegetables

These little fake silly vegetable are so fun to make! Plant them in your garden to keep the parasite away. 

5. Frog

This frog will keep your garden safe ;-) !

6. Lady bug family

Paint a few rocks red and black to create a lady bug family! The only challenge is to find a rock big enough for the mom!

7. Rock house

Create fun rock houses by stacking rocks! You never know who may come live there.

8. Silly faces

These silly faces are so easy to make! All you need is a marker.

9. Rock flowers

Display rocks to create flower shapes. 

10. Snail

Again, using paint create a cute little snail! Or you can pick any bug you wish. 

What are you doing these days?