10 facts why October borns are so special!

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Many people are convinced that our birth month influences our personality and maybe even our life. The reason behind it would be because of astrology! Science has also studied the question. And October is a great month to come into the world!

Indeed, October-borns have traits that make them special. Here are 10:

1. October babies are likely to be good athletes

Science suggests October babies are the most likely to be the sports stars of the future! A 2014 study of endurance and strength in school children found that "children born in October were stronger than those born every month except September and November."

This is likely linked to prenatal exposure to vitamin D, as mothers of fall babies received more sun while wearing them.

2. They have the potential to become leaders of a country

The largest number of US presidents were born in October. Prepare to put up with a possible little (school-based, first!) Politician. Maybe your baby will be the next Roosevelt, Eisenhower, or Carter. Or the next Hilary Clinton, also born in October. In Canada, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau was also born in October.

3. They are unlikely to be born on the last day of the month

Few people are born on October 31st. Yep, that would be linked to the Halloween party!

October babies are less likely to be born on Halloween than February babies on Valentine's Day.

According to researchers at Yale, it seems that this "frightening" holiday is blocking "spontaneous" births. Mothers' subconscious wouldn't want babies to have to share their birthdays with ghosts and monsters!

4. October borns are more likely to live to be centenarians

According to a 2011 study by the University of Chicago, natives of October "have a much higher probability of surviving to age 100 compared to people born in April." So it might be a good idea to create a retirement savings fund for your child as soon as possible ...

5. They are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease

Science has also shown that although October babies have a high overall risk of disease, they are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. These babies tend to have healthy hearts, which may explain why many of them live very long lives.

6. October babies have good mental health

Science has also linked October birthdays to low suicide risk, and babies born in that month tend to be mentally healthy.

7. They are romantic.

Known for their charm, October babies are good romantic partners. Ruled by Venus, they create harmony and are known as "peacemakers".

8. October babies are very good in business.

Working with determination, the people born in October know how to make their place in the business world. Perhaps your child will quickly ask you for a briefcase as a gift?

9. They have an easy time at school

Being one of the oldest kids in the class (as October babies typically are in North America, at least) is good for self-esteem, especially in the school environment. “We find that children older than their peers - and therefore more mature - have a significant advantage in self-concept. Additionally, we are finding that this design advantage contributes to college entry, ”the Journal of Educational Psychology wrote.

10. October babies can be taller and have bigger bones.

Additionally, according to Dr. Gavin Sandercock of the Center for Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Essex, children born in the northern hemisphere in the fall tend to have slightly more bone and muscle mass. Again, this is probably related to the amount of exposure to vitamin D during pregnancy

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