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10 habits that distinguish stupid people from smart ones. I would never have guessed No. 9!

Are you smart? You might think you are, but you might not be this smart.

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Are you smart? You might think you are, but you might not be this smart. 

There’s always someone smarter than you... As there’s always someone more stupid! But when you think you’re smart, are you really?

To find out, you could take an IQ test, or just read the following. Seemingly, it would be easy to distinguish stupid people from smart ones with these habits.
If you have the following ten habits, you can count yourself as one of the brainy people.

You should consider one thing first: it’s not always an advantage to be smarter than the others. 

1) Smart people stay calm
There are a lot of things that can trigger anger. Sometimes, smart people loose their calm, but it happens less often than people with a lower IQ. Smart people have a better self-control.  This is what a study showed from the University of Michigan. 600 participants, their parents and children, have been analyzed and observed for 22 years. Researchers wanted to know whether there was a connection between a low intelligence quotient and aggressive behavior. The results revealed that children learn very early to react to conflict situations with anger and aggression and growing up in an aggressive environment impedes brain development.


2) Smart people don't think they're better than others

Less intelligent people often have a wrong image of their talents. They also think they're better than the others. According to a study published in the magazine Psychological Science, less intelligent people are more often homophobic, racist, and often tend to categorize people prematurely. To sum up, they are judgy. They're also more likely to put others down so they can show off. But you don’t need a study to prove this. It’s obvious. Smart people know their own value and don't need to show off to prove who they are. Quite the contrary actually: they are more likely to help others and be happy with others' success.

3) Smart people admit their mistakes: 

People with a lower IQ won’t admit their mistakes. Instead, they will blame others for their own mistakes and failures, it’s never their fault. Brain development in children whose parents act like mistakes are a cardinal sin is greatly impacted by stress. These children grow up believing a failure is the end of the world. Smart people on the other hand see mistakes as a chance to learn: it’s not hard for them to admit their mistakes or to admit they are wrong. 


4) Smart people have empathy 

People with a lower IQ tend to be more selfish and it’s hard for them to put themselves in the shoes of other people. Empathy is an essential quality for harmonious family, love, friend and even work relationships. We can then easily understand why some people find it difficult to maintain any relationships. Less intelligent people never self-question themselves, instead, they want to be always right. 

Researchers at Texas Tech University showed in a representative study that smarter people had a lot of empathy and that they were more willing to do something good for another person, without expecting anything in return.
It is probably something they learned from earliest childhood. 

It makes sense that people growing up with cold, selfish parents would take the same path once adults. Obviously, it’s clear that a loving environment in childhood as well as a positive education, make a huge difference for kids' brain development.

5) Smart people are anxious and mistrustful 

Smart people tend to worry more and they don't trust people as easily. They take time to be friend with someone as they tend to analyze everything and imagine everything that can go wrong. However, once smart people build friendships they tend to be longer-term and more stable than less intelligent people's relationships.


6) Smart people are messy 
A study showed that people who place less value on tidiness and organization tend to be more creative, readier to try something new and are more likely to think big compared with people with a lower IQ.

7) Smart people swear more
As said before, more intelligent people don't get annoyed as often as people with a lower IQ, but when they do, they do it right. A study has shown that swearing was a sign of intelligence. Though, don’t forget that being rude and swearing don’t make you look smarter.


8) Smart people are night owls

Many studies done in London at the London School of Economics have shown that smart people stay awake later than people with lower IQs. Study participants with an IQ of 75 went to bed well before midnight, while people with an IQ of 125 or more went to bed well after 12:30 at night, during the week or the weekends.  

9) Smart people are lazy

According to a study from Florida Gulf Coast University smart people use their lazy time to meditate about the world around us. Instead, the less intelligent get bored and need to do something to distract themselves.


10) Smart people use the snooze button
A study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences showed that smart people tend to ignore their alarm clock more often using the snooze button. 

So if you're a cool-headed, mistrustful, empathetic, messy, lazy, night owl who likes to sleep in, you can count yourself as one of the brainy people. And of course, if you're not, don't panic, you probably have more fun in life, you are more organized and more confident and these are important qualities. 
The essential thing in the end is: be yourself!

Do you consider yourself a smart person? Do you have these TEN habits?