10 men's walk-in closet ideas

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Men are giving more and more importance to their image, their style and they also have an impressive wardrobe, just like women.

Walk-ins are not only reserved for women. Nowadays, men choose their apartment according to the space they will have to store or organize all their clothes because they invest a lot of money in clothes.

Here are 10 walk-in closet ideas for men:

1) We can not be more masculine. Black and game!

We can almost smell the eau de Cologne just looking at this picture.

Source: homedesignidea.net

2) A closet for men who love wood! Do you like this kind of decoration? Choose cedar, your clothes will smell good and will be protected against the small undesirable bugs.

Source: kieljamespatrick.com

3) Because men have more and more fashion accessories too, everything must be well organized!

Source: homesimplyorganized.com

4) When a couple shares the walk-in, a neutral decoration is perfect.

Source: jetradar.fr

5) When you have the chance to create your walk-in closet, you can add extra storage!

Source: woodworkingnetwork.com

6) For ties only!

Source: tuccipolo.com

7) If you don't like dark wood, maybe you'll like this closet?

Source: homedesigns49.tumblr.com

8) A central island allows to add a lot of storage and lighting is very important when the wood is dark.

Source: widaus.com

9) This storage idea for shirts is particularly original! And we optimize the storage space!

Source: decoholic.org

10) For a very small walk-in, add a very large mirror is a great solution!

Source: gripelements.com