10 mistakes to avoid when you're storing your clothes in your wardrobe..

Do you store your clothes properly?

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10 tips to properly store your clothes

Do you store your sweaters the right way? Your dresses? Your pants? And what do you do with winter clothing? Do you store several clothes on the same hanger?

This article contains the 10 most common mistakes when it's time to store our clothes.

Take a look! You could learn a few things!

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First tip

When putting your clothes on hangers, remember to button and zip them up. In this way, there is a better chance that your clothes will keep their shape.

Second tip

The worst idea you can have is to put several clothes on a hanger. You will not get more space in the wardrobe, but you will certainly ruin the clothes underneath. Several pieces of clothing on a hanger is acceptable only if the hanger has several levels.

Third tip

Blouses, shirts and dresses of delicate fabrics should be placed on hangers that match their sizes. Woolen and knitted clothes should be stored on shelves to avoid stretching them.

Fourth tip

If you fold bras like on the left picture, there is a risk that you ruin the appearance of the cups. You should organize your bras as on the right picture!

Fifth tip

If you hang your pants as in the picture on the left, you may make marks on your pants! The best way to store pants is a hanger that clips the entire length (you must obviously have the necessary space in the wardrobe).

Sixth tip

Knitted and woolen clothing should not be stored on hangers. It makes them lose their shape and become loose. The shelves are perfect for storing fluffy sweaters. Fold the woolen sweaters and keep them on a separate shelf.

Seventh tip

Dresses and skirts that are long enough to touch the floor should be placed on a bar. This way, you will not have to iron them very often.

Eighth tip

Do not be stingy to buy good hangers. If you have 5 hangers and 10 clothes, you have a problem. Another thing you should never do is stack several clothes. When there are 5 to 7 items on top of each other, the clothes do not "breathe", they become unpressed.

Hangers should be chosen according to the garment and its size: Do not put heavy fur coats and leather jackets on small thin hangers. Dresses made of delicate fabrics should not be placed on old wooden hangers that could tear the fabric.

Ninth tip

Vacuum bags have become very popular lately, but this way of storage is not good for fur and genuine leather because the clothes will "suffocate" without oxygen supply. They will have an unpleasant smell and the fur will be damaged.

Tenth tip

Before storing your clothes for seasonal storage, get all your outer clothing dry-cleaned. Here was the last little tip of this article. I hope you enjoyed this tips!