10 mistakes women make with their underwear and how to avoid them

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Finding the right size of underwear can be a real chore.

However, even if you found the right fit (until next time), there are still common mistakes you can make with your underwear.

The Bright Side website has listed 10 of them.

Bra size

In order to get the right size, it's important that the straps fit without being tight. Some women make the mistake of taking a bra with larger cups in order to make their chest look bigger. Opt instead for 'Push up' bras that fit you well. A bra that is too small, on the other hand, will cause poor circulation.

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Buying clothes that are too small

Some women are so determined to be thinner that they do not hesitate to choose a size that is too small. This approach, however, is far from the best because it is a source of great discomfort ... and an unsightly silhouette. Better to choose a garment of the right size, even if it means the larger one.

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Sports bras

The popular belief is that you take off your bra once at home. If this is true for many women with small breasts, those with larger breasts should buy a comfortable sports model to wear when they are indoors.

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Wearing the wrong color of bra

Wearing a colored bra under a white sweater is considered inappropriate and unsightly. Choose a beige one for your pale tops so that nothing shows.

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Avoid thongs

Thongs are very popular because they are invisible under clothing. However, they are usually made of synthetic materials that cause irritation and infections... Wear them occasionally, but not daily.

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Cotton clothes may be very comfortable and safe, but they also stretch very quickly. When it comes to bras, choose those made of 80% cotton and 20% elastane.

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Favor cotton panties

Silk is less breathable than cotton and can cause several infections. For your everyday undies, choose cotton.

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Match your bra with your panties

Matching underwear are made of the same material and in addition, they will make you look elegant.

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Choose clothes according to your silhouette.

For pear-shaped women, opt for loose shorts. Those with buxom curves or an hourglass waist will be favored by high waisted bottoms. Brazilian cuts lengthen the legs.

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