10 pics of people not qualified to do their job.

Hilarious examples of improperly done work!

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10 pics of people not qualified to do their job.

If you are like most of us, there has been a moment in your life when you trusted someone with a renovation project or some other kind of project.

We all hear about construction horror stories and we hope we never have to deal with employees who are not qualified to do their jobs. Have you ever had to deal with incompetent people during renovations?

I share with you staggering photos of examples of improperly done works that make us say: but what were they thinking?

Example 1

I don't know who thought of making this small, unimportant change for passenger safety? I hope that this old railway is no longer used! What were they thinking about?

Example 2

How is it possible that nobody has thought of removing the ladder before finishing the roof? I am not sure that the owners will be happy with the water that will flow into the roof!

Example 3

Installing a door is so simple! How can it be possible?

Example 4

It seems to me that this advertising panel has something wrong! I imagine the face of the person who paid to install this panel, when he/she saw the result... And we wonder each time; what were they thinking?

Example 5

Why? Why the person who did this floor made this useless pattern! We still don't understand why.

Example 6

Someone needs to learn geography! I didn't know that Germany was right next to Africa! If we look closer, we can find other geography mistakes. I hope this map is not in a class!

Example 7

It's so practical latches that don't close completely when going to the bathroom!

Example 8

Speaking of toilets; I still wonder what are the doors for, if they don't hide anything? I wonder where these toilets are.

Example 9

I always laugh when I see these tiles installed upside down and this poor woman with wierd body!

Example 10

He had one job and that's the result; instead of writing school, the person wrote scohol. Once again; what were they thinking?

Have you ever had to deal with incompetent people with your renovations?