10 really easy ideas to make a mini greenhouse at home.

Reuse items you already have at home to start your seeds!

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Published 3 years ago
10 really easy ideas to make a mini greenhouse at home.
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Doing your own sowing is much cheaper than buying ready to plant plants! The only concern you might have is finding mini-greenhouses to grow seedlings. Luckily, there are many items you can use to make mini-greenhouses yourself without even spending a penny! You will be able to grow your seedlings easily indoors (even in apartments) or outdoors in the garden. 

Here are 10 easy ideas to inspire you:

1. Storage boxes

Great for small spaces or balconies. Simply close the lid at night to keep the plants warm.

2. Cardboard egg package

Everybody has an old package of eggs at home! That means you have in your hands something to transform into a mini-greenhouse. Simply put a plastic clear bag to keep it warm. 


3. Tarps and tree branches

With a few branches and a plastic sheet, you can build a big greenhouse for almost nothing. You can customize it to the dimensions that you need.

4. Rotisserie chicken container 

If you are only doing a few sowing, this is a mini greenhouse that will work well for you! Get a plastic rotisserie chicken container, and plant your seeds in it. You can move it easily and your seedlings stay warm by putting the lid on. And you get to enjoy delicious chicken beforehand, yum! 

5. Shelf and plastic sheet 

Arrange your plants on the different boards of the shelf and keep them warm with covering them with a plastic sheet. 

6. Strawberry container

If you bought strawberries recently, don't throw away the plastic box! You can easily reuse it to make a mini-greenhouse for sowing. It also works with any plastic boxes or containers! You can use a black marker to identify them! 

7. Umbrella

If you have an old clear umbrella, you can easily recycle it into a mini greenhouse. Put it over an old barrel or a flowerpot, and magic! Your seedlings will be warm in your garden and will grow easily.  

8. Plastic bottles

Here's a great idea for recycling plastic bottles. Cut them in 2, fill the bottom part with soil and plant your seeds. Close with the upper part to have the "greenhouse effect". Perfect for having a mini greenhouse indoors even in an apartment.

9. Old Windows 

With a few old windows, you can make a small homemade greenhouse for your flowers. A little vintage look for a pretty mini vegetable patch.

10. Plastic Milk Gallon

If you need a little more height for your sowing, an old plastic can of milk or fruit juice also works well as a mini-greenhouse.

Hope these tips will help your garden!