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10 reasons that make babies born in August stand out from the crowd.

Surely you know someone born in August. Read on to check if these theories are true!

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Is your child born in August? Or perhaps you are? 

Did you know that the babies born on this beautiful month have exciting traits?

Here are 10 of them that prove that August babies are amazing!

1. They are natural leaders 

Good news, your baby is made for a leader! They are self-confident and very charismatic, which will help them know what they want ... and get it.

2. They are intelligent student, but with a potentially difficult course

Children who are born in August often struggle in school, according to a study. Since they are very intelligent, they may have a hard time being accepted by other students. However, this will not prevent them from being successful in life!

3. August babies are at lower risk of developing mental illness

Babies born in winter are more likely to have a mental illness, such as depression or schizophrenia than summer babies, studies show. Researchers suspect that a low a dose of vitamin D has a negative impact on brain development. And August babies have no shortage of this vitamin!

4. They like to be treated like a king/queen 

They like to be noticed when they walk into a room. If they don't get spontaneous praise, they will try to get it!

5. These babies like privacy

August babies enjoy isolation. They don't open up easily on sensitive subjects, except in people whom then trust completely. they like to have alone time for themselves.

6. They are not easily impressed

No need to try to impress these babies. Not everyone will have the honor of being their close friend. But they will passionately love the members of their privileged circle.

7. August-babies are stubborn

These children are very intuitive, so they very rarely makes mistakes. However, their stubbornness also hides their sensitive side - they like to protect themselves...

8. They are motivated and enthusiastic

They can overcome difficult situations without losing their enthusiasm. They are very active and always moving forward.

9. They have an endearing personality

Although they like to be the center of attention, they are usually a good listener and empathetic. They are dreamers, but knows how to carry on a conversation and they have a very good heart!

10. They are very organized

The people born in August are organized, pragmatic and have a great eye for detail. Intelligent, reliable and hardworking, they are responsible at a very young age.

Do you know anybody born in August? Do you believe these 10 facts are true?