10 reasons why babies born in July are out of the ordinary.

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Some people think that their month of birth influences their character and even their destiny. In general, it is a matter of faith in astrology, but science has also taken an interest in this matter. Could the month of birth could have an influence on a child and an adult?

If you were born in July or maybe if your child is, find out how this month has an impact on you or them!

1. The babies of July are optimists

Is it because everyone tends to be in a good mood in the middle of summer? In any case, a study by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology has shown that hyperthymic temperaments (ie a tendency to be excessively positive) were "significantly higher in people born in spring and summer" !

It appears that babies born in July would be happier!

Children born in the summer are less likely to be depressed than babies in the winter, according to research from Vanderbilt University. Researchers believe that this high quotient of happiness may be related to the baby's biological clock, which is permanently marked by the summer light cycle. In other words: they are born sunny ... and stay that way!

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2. They are very good at controlling their emotions

Babies born in summer show more "stress control" than their fall or winter counterparts at 18 months, according to a Japanese study. From a young age, they note a "capacity to voluntarily choose a course of action in conflicting conditions and to plan for the future and detect errors". In short, they have good self-control as quickly as when they start kindergarten! 

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3. July natives are less likely to suffer from schizophrenia

A 2012 British study claimed that babies born in July were significantly less likely to develop schizophrenia later in life.

(January babies would be most at risk). Researchers believe the link may have something to do with vitamin D levels, as babies born in the sunniest month of summer receive much more sun than babies born in winter.

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4. They will have to learn persistence

Research suggest that babies born in the summer are less likely to pursue higher education. The theory of some experts is that it would be due to the fact that summer babies are generally the youngest in their classes. But as these children will be more optimistic, they will get away with it!

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5. July children tend to be taller 

A British study has shown that babies born in July (and in June, for that matter) are the heaviest and generally become very large adults. This could be explained by the fact that pregnant women absorb vitamin D better in the second and third trimesters and that this vitamin intake can give an additional advantage to summer babies.

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6. They are often left-handed

A small study by the British website Anything Left-Handed and research by the University of Oxford found that significantly more lefties were born in July and August.

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7. These babies are funny and very devoted to their families

Astrologically speaking, July babies are known to be devoted family members. Do you know what that means, mom and dad? Your little darling baby will become a caring child… He/she will always be there to help you and their siblings, even as they become adults.

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8. Babies born in July are generally healthier

These children are a step ahead in health care, according to a study by the Columbia University Department of Medicine. Researchers reviewed the records of 1.75 million patients born between 1900 and 2000 and found that "people born in July" had a lower overall risk of "life-long illness" than those born in other months. For obscure reasons, the July natives appear to have some protection against various diseases, including cardiovascular and reproductive disorders, as well as ADHD, asthma and ear infections.

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9. They probably won't be CEOs

Running a major business may not be in the future for your little treasure. A study by the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business found that a significantly higher number of leaders were born in March and April and the least number of leaders were born in June and July. Researchers assume that this drop is the result of age thresholds in the public school system that make children born in the summer the youngest in their class. As a result, they often underperform on tests and are sometimes misdiagnosed as having special needs.

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10.  July Babies May Need Glasses

An Israeli study of 300,000 soldiers shows that babies born in June and July are at higher risk for myopia. According to this research, the more the newborn is exposed to sunlight, the higher the risk of myopia. But lead researcher Michael Belkin of Tel Aviv University said there is a simple solution to help the eyes of these summer babies: sunglasses, which are actually totally adorable on the nose of our babies!

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Here are some famous people who were born in July:

Liv Tyler, Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Jane Lynch, JK Rowling, Sandra Bullock, Kristin Bell, Daniel Radcliffe, Will Ferrell, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, George W. Bush and even Julius Caesar!

Do you recognize any trait of yourself in this list?