10 services offered at Costco that you may not know about

How to get the most out of your Costco membership card

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In addition to low prices, do you know all the benefits offered by Costco?

1.Costco offers technical support by phone
You can buy a TV at Costco  and know that you have access to free technical support by phone.

2. Save money with gift cards.
A gift card valued at $100 bought at Costco could cost you only $79.99. It's the same for movie cards: a child ticket with a nice combo (liquor, popcorn and candy) could only cost you $10.

3. Cars offered at exclusive prices
The Costco Auto program offers cars at prices already negotiated by the shopping giant.

4. Cheaper travel
With your membership card, get discounts on all inclusive hotels, theme parks, flights, car rentals and cruises.

5. Save on your next prescription.
Ask about the price of prescription drugs as well as advils and tylenols. Large quantities are much cheaper than buying them at the pharmacy.

6. Buy movie tickets at a good price
Movie night in sight... You could pay as little as $24.99 for 2 tickets, 2 regular size sodas, and 1 popcorn.

7. Need an eye exam?
In most warehouses, Costco has an optometrist at your service.

8. Print your personal checks
Print your checks for half the price your bank would charge.

9. Water directly to your door
Have your water delivered directly to your home or office (according to your membership card details).

10. No coupons, but another easy way to save money
Costco does not accept coupons from manufacturers; however, nothing prevents you from submitting your receipts to Checkout51, says Melody Hansen, blogger at This Beautiful Frugal.