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10 simple DIY ideas to do with wood

We can do everything with wood! From small decorations to furniture!

Tips and Crafts

We can do everything with wood! Would you like to work with them? Start with small projects!

It's a wonderful hobby!

Little by little we buy tools hoping that one day, we will finally be able to do all the projects we will have in mind when we retire!

Here are 10 quick and easy projects that you can do

1) Make pretty picture frames, with only small boards! Notice the photos held by paper clips

2) Making a living room table becomes very simple when you have to fix wooden boxes on a board and wheels!

3) Make owls with wooden pucks!

4) Create some Santa Claus with logs of wood!

5) Or ghosts!

6) Do you have wood scraps left at home? Make some nice cutting boards!

7) Cut the front of a box and do not forget to sand the wood to make a beautiful bed for your doggie

8) Do you become more and more confident with wood? Trust yourself and dare to realize a more elaborate project!

9) Learn how to cut wood this way to make pretty picture frames!

10) And then you can even try a small piece of this kind!