10 things you should never clean with vinegar!

You should take a look at this list before you start cleaning!

Tips and Crafts

The vinegar-based cleaning tips are becoming more and more popular with the current terrible situation. And most of the time, it's one of the best natural cleaner!

Whether it's cutting boards, toilets, windows, and much more, it does a fantastic job, but did you know that there are a few cases where it is a very bad idea to use vinegar to clean?

Here are 10 things you should never clean with vinegar!

1. Iron

Some tips are suggesting to add vinegar to your iron's water but that could damage your iron! Instead, it is best to follow the manufacturer's cleaning advice.

2. Waxed furniture

The vinegar removes the wax from your furniture which can make them look  dull.

3. An egg stain or damage

If you drop an egg on the ground, never use vinegar to clean it. The acidity causes it to clot, making the egg more difficult to clean up!

4. Stone floors

Vinegar is acidic and can greatly damage the stone. Dishwashing liquid and hot water will do the job without damage!

5. Some stubborn stains

Grass, ink, ice cream and blood stains will not disappear with vinegar.

6. Hardwood floors

This will vary depending on your finish, but it's better to not take the chance. Only clean your hardwood floor with cleaning products designed for it.

7. Your iPhone and mobile

Your precious electronics have a layer of oleophobic coating which limits fingerprints and stains and the acid vinegar can eliminate it!

8. Clothes and bleach

Vinegar is great for cleaning clothes but mixing it with bleach creates a toxic chlorine gas. When mixed with water, the gas creates hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids. Gas by itself is not good for you and your clothes will be completely ruined!

9. Oily surfaces

Vinegar does not work on fat because it is acidic. Use an alkaline soap, such as a dish soap.

10. Granite and marble countertops

Acid in vinegar can damage natural stone.