10 tips that are great and simple, they will change the way you maintain your floors!

Cleaning is no longer a duty!

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10 tips that are great and simple, they will change the way you maintain your floors!

Sometimes you just need to change some details in the way we do things so that everything goes better and faster.

This is the case for the housework, but also for the maintain of floors. After all, floors collect everything that falls, they need little care. Nothing complicated!


To fill a bucket without forcing on your back, use a pool noodle as a funnel to connect the faucet and the bucket!


Brooms, mops, other household products are better stored if they are hung. The problem is the size of the hole in the handle of each one: none has the same size, you need different hooks. Unless you add a self-locking fasteners: problem solved, you can hang them on any hook now!

Narrow spaces

To clean narrow spaces, add a roll of paper towel at the end of the vacuum and flatten the end to get all the dust under a furniture or in the edge of the windows.

Small items

You have dropped an earring, a tiny battery or any other small object that could be swallowed by the vacuum cleaner? Put a nylon stocking on the hose and turn on the vacuum cleaner: the small object will be vacuumed, but the stocking will hold it!


To refresh the smell of the house while vacuuming, vacuum Downy Unstoppables (or another brand!) before you start. Vacuum ¼ cup of cheap cinnamon will also leave a good smell!


To remove animal hair on fabric furniture (it works for the car too), use dish-washing gloves. By rubbing, you will see the hair accumulate in balls, easier to remove.


Do you like Swiffer? Instead of buying disposable wipes, put a fluffy stocking instead. When it is dirty, wash it and take another one! Dollarama and other stores like these sell stockings around $1 a pair, it's cheaperl than disposable wipes.


Instead of buying liquid cleaner refills, prepare this mixture.

  • 4 cups of hot water
  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • 3 cups of white vinegar
  • ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid.

Black tea

For varnished wood floors, black tea is wonderful. Pour 8 cups of hot water into a bucket and place 3 bags of black tea. Let them infuse for a few minutes, then wash the floor with this floor tea. The wood will be shined like never before!

Dust door

To avoid debris flying in the wind as you attempt to reach the trash can, put the dustpan underwater before cleaning up the dust. The dirt will stick to the dustpan and you will only have to wipe it with a paper towel and throw everything in the trash.

What is your favorite tip? Share these tricks with your friends to make their life easier!