10 tips to learn how to use your flat iron in the best ways possible.

10 tips to learn how to use it better!

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We all have a flat iron at home, you will discover little tips that you'll want to try!

Here are 10 flat iron tips that you should know!

Hair length

Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

The shorter your hair is, the more you can allow yourself to buy a narrow iron. On the other hand the longer your hair is, the more you will have to opt for a wide iron. This will allow you to straighten them faster!


Source: Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

NEVER exceed 185°C (365°F) to straighten our hair. This would ruin them! If your iron gets too hot by straightening your hair, take a short break, turn it off for a few minutes.

The root

When you get to the root, pass the iron up and down to give more volume to your hair. If you tend to sweat and your hair swell at the root, avoid this technique!


How to wave your hair with a flat iron! Heat one time in one direction, one time in the other direction, and so on down to the bottom, leave about 3 centimeters of straight hair all the way down.


You can even make pretty curls by wrapping thin strands of hair around your flat iron. The thinner the iron is, the smaller the curls will be!

Which brush to use

Using a big brush to dry your hair will help a lot, as it will stretch them a maximum by drying them. Continue to use it with the flat iron, it will hold the hair straight while straightening your hair.

The braid trick

Try the braid! Make a braid and straight your hair over the braid! You will get beautiful waves!

How to Wash Your Flat Iron

Rub it with a clean cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol! Your flat iron will look brand new!

Protective Tip

Use an oven mitten to protect the table and your iron when you carry it on a trip.

Incredible waves

With this technique, you will get incredible waves! As if your hair curled naturally like out of the sea !!