10 very effective tips to reduce fuel consumption

Tips to consume less gasoline

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To reduce the consumption and save money, there are some practical tips.

1- First, the faster you drive, the more fuel you consume.

2- Make sure your tires are always well inflated. If tires are under inflated, the rolling resistance of the tires increases.

3- Frequent acceleration and braking increase fuel consumption. Maintain a constant speed, with the help of the cruise control for example.

4- Drive smoothly by not braking suddenly for example. Your fuel consumption will reduce and your brake pads will be less damaged.

5- Use the transmission. There is an "eco" mode on some cars. Use it, especially if you drive a manual car.

6- The air conditioner also consumes more fuel. Use it moderately.

7- Don't let the vehicle idle for more than a minute. When you have stopped for a few minutes, turn the engine off. Idling is bad for the environment and for your savings.

8- Have a regular engine check-up. Change the oil regularly but also the filters.

9- An overloaded car consumes more fuel because it is heavier. Unload your trunk and you will save money.

10- The resistance of the air, is an important factor for the fuel consumption. Remove the bike or ski racks from the roof of your car. Open windows can also impact aerodynamism