11 activities you can create yourself at home to stimulate your baby.

No need to buy expensive early-learning toys!

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All the new parents want to provide enough toys that will stimulate their little one. And often times, they simply do too much by buying very expensive electronic games or toys or by teaching them letters when they are still too small and so on. 

The parents attention and a few objects often already in the house are all that baby really needs!

Here are 11 examples of early learning games that you can usually make yourself:

1. A "spider web" basket

A baby aged 6 to 12 months will have a lot of fun if you put toys in a laundry basket, which you then cover with a fake cobweb made with soft thread.

Photo : thetraindriverswife.com

2. Mismatched socks

When baby is around 3-4 months old, put on socks of different colours, because they start to be able to differentiate colours! (And take a liking to wearing mismatched socks, which can be practical later with the magical sock losses in the dryer!)

Photo : candokiddo.com

3. A toy on the chest

Place a soft toy on the chest of a baby when they reach about 4 months old to hold their attention for a while. You can also keep the plush toy in place by inserting part of the toy into baby's clothing.

Photo : candokiddo.com

4. A mirror

Install a baby mirror in their crib or on the stroller, they will begin to recognize their own reflection!

Photo: Guide Astuces

5. A homemade ball game

You can create your own ball game using baby balls and an empty box of wipes (Lysol). Drop the balls into the box and let baby play! This will teach them the coordination between vision and the movements of their hands. A good game for babies from 7 months to 1 year old.

Source : busytoddler.com

6. Herbs to touch

Put a baby that is 5 months or older, on a nursing pillow and give them a plastic bowl filled with herbs. They will be able to feel and touch the herbs.

Photo : candokiddo.com

7. Paint with no mess!

Put a few drops of paint (non-toxic) in a resealable plastic bag that you will stick on the tablet of baby's high chair. They will love manipulating the colours and seeing them all mix together!

Photo: Bricolage et d├ęcoration

8. Soap bubbles

From the age of 5 months, babies become more sensory. Blow bubbles of soaps, that will grab their attention and they will want to catch them. This will stimulate their sense of touch and vision!

Photo: Adobe

9. Develop a sense of taste

As soon as your baby is 6 months old, make sure to give them fruits and vegetables with different tastes and textures to get them used to a variety of foods.

Photo : cookingbabyfood.com

10. Summer activity

Here's a perfect activity for hot summer days. Take a shallow plastic pool and add water and bubble bath to it. Baby will love to touch the bubbles and try to catch them! You can also add some bath toys. An activity for babies under one year old. But always, always watch a baby playing in the water!

Photo: plainvanillamom.com

11. A rattle to stimulate the senses

Around 4 months, it's time to give your baby a rattle. Watch their reactions when the toy moves and makes noise.

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WARNING: With both homemade and commercial toys, you should always watch a baby playing. An accident can happened so quickly! And the biggest stimulant for your child is you, their loving parent! Talk to him, touch him, make facial expressions, play hide-and-seek and enjoy!