11 car accessories your kids will never experience.

How many do you remember?

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If you are over 40, and even over 30, you have probably experienced these accessories present in many vehicles made before the 2000s.

But the new generations might be startled when they see some of them! 

We offer you a little trip back in time, which will bring back memories to nostalgics and which may leave young people taken aback ...

How many do you remember?

1. The crank for the windows

Nowadays, to open or close a car window, you press a button. But do you remember that time when you had to turn a crank, which wasn't always easy, because it sometimes got stuck? A good workout for the arm!

2. The exterior mirror was manually adjusted

Today, you simply need to use a button to adjust the mirrors. Before, you had to put your hands out, summer like winter!

CC BY-SA 3.0: Johan

3. The cassette player

The way we listen to music in a vehicle has changed a lot. Many of us rummaged through the box of cassettes to find the perfect music for a road trip.


4. Accessory to transform a cassette player into a mini-jack player

After the tapes ended, a lot of people still had a car that had a player for them. So, we invented a system allowing a fake cassette to be integrated into the player connected to a mini-jack cable. It allowed a phone or an mp3 player to be connected to the car's speakers.


5. Small tilting side windows

Did these windows have a name? Before, many cars had these little triangular windows, which we often forgot to close. It was the era of smoking in the car ... We thought that these windows provided good ventilation ...

CZmarlin - Christopher Ziemnowicz

6. Antenna on the roof

To receive radio, we needed fairly large antennas, retractable or not. It could break or we could even have it stolen ... 

CC BY-SA 3.0: Zuzu

7. Buttons for locking the doors

 We were far from the button on the keyring! But, when we forgot our keys, we could try to open the door by passing a hanger through the glass ...

Instagram - peldiesue

8. CD player

When music cassettes became obsolete, we were delighted by CDs. What modernity! We therefore dragged our little compact disc breakers to accompany our travels. But then, Bluetooth appeared ...

9. Locks on the doors

There are still almost always locks on the doors of newer vehicles, but this is just "in case". Today, the doors are unlocked (and sometimes opened) with the remote control integrated in the key or key ring. We are now far from the time when you had to insert the key at -20 ° C at night ...

CC BY-SA 4.0: James086

10. Car phones

Not everyone has experienced this, but it did exist, before the advent of cell phones. Drivers who had a good wallet had a landline integrated in their car. And these machines were not small ...

CC BY 4.0: Yoh-Plus

11. Manual steering

Vehicles that are less than 20 years old usually have power steering. This means that when you turn the steering wheel, a mechanism facilitates maneuvering and turns the wheels easily. This was not the case with old cars. In the old days, we had to force the steering wheel like crazy. Another good workout for the arms ...

How many of these accessories do you remember? It could say a lot about your age!