11 DIY activities to help stimulate baby

No need to buy expensive toys!

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All young parents want to provide their babies with enough stimulation. And often, they do a bit too much! By buying expensive electronic games or toys, trying to get them to learn letters too soon, when they are still too young, etc.

While your attention and certain objects that you likely already have in your home are all the baby needs!

Here are 11 examples of developmental toys that you can often make yourself:

  1. A "spiderweb" basket

A 6 to 12 month-old baby will spend many fun hours playing with toys placed in a laundry basket covered with a fake spiderweb made of soft yarn.

Source: thetraindriverswife.com

2. Mismatched socks

When baby is 3 or 4 months old, dress him or her in socks of different colors, this will help them differentiate between colors! (As an added bonus, because they will have learned to enjoy wearing mismatched socks early-on, this will be a huge help when they're older and lose all those socks in the dryer!)

source: candokiddo.com

3. A toy on the chest

Place a soft toy (like a stuffed teddy bear) on the baby's chest at about 4 months old to hold his attention for a while. Hold the stuffed toy in place by inserting some of the toy into the baby's clothing.

Source: candokiddo.com

4. A mirror

Put a baby mirror in his bed or on his stroller and baby seat so that he can begin to recognize his own reflection.

source: Guide Tips

5. A homemade ball game

If you give the baby balls and an empty box of wipes, he can drop the balls into the box. This will teach him coordination between vision and the movements of his hands. A good game for babies aged 7 months to 1 year old.

Source: busytoddler.com

6. Herbs to touch

Place a baby aged 5 months and up on a nursing pillow, for example, and give him or her a plastic salad bowl filled with herbs. So he can feel and touch them.

Source: candokiddo.com

7. Paint that does not stain.

Put a few drops of paint (non-toxic) in a resealable plastic bag that you can then, for example, stick onto the baby's high chair tablet. He or she will love manipulating the colors and observing the different interactions.

source: Facebook capture - DIY and decoration

8. Soap bubbles

From the age of 5 months, babies become more sense become more developed. Blow soap bubbles, this will attract their attention and they will want to try to catch them. This will stimulate their sense of touch and vision!

source: Adobe

9. Develop the sense of taste

As soon as your baby is 6 months old, be sure to start giving him or her fruits and vegetables with different tastes and textures to get him used to a variety of foods.

Source: cookingbabyfood.com

10. A summer activity

Here is a perfect activity for hot summer days. Take a shallow plastic pool and pour water and bubble bath into it. Baby will love touching the bubbles and trying to catch them! You can also add some bath toys. An activity for babies under one year of age. But never, ever take your eyes off a baby playing in any amount of water, no matter how small!

Source: plainvanillamom.com

11. A rattle to stimulate your senses

At around 4 months, it's time to give your baby a rattle. Watch his reactions when his toy moves and makes sounds.

source: Adobe

CAUTION: With both homemade and commercial toys, always watch a baby playing. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye! And the most important stimulant for your child will always be you, his or her loving parent! Talk to them, feel them, do imitations, play peek-a-boo...