11 housekeeping tips bordering on genius

11 tips for a house cleaner than clean!

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Through years of house cleaning, mothers and grandmothers have developed tips and tricks that have been passed on to the next generations.

And many of these tips have been circulating on the Web for a few years now. But new ones appear every day!

If you're always looking for great ideas of improving your efficiency when doing housework - either for doing your chores in less time, or for saving on household products, we recommend you check out the 11 tips in this article.

Because they are absolutely brilliant! So brilliant, that they are close to genius!

Here are 11 cleaning tips that are bordering on genius:

Use a foam roller to wash mosquito nets! Nothing will stick more than cobwebs and dead insects on these powerful adhesives! It's so brilliant!

Source: Handyman Magazine

2) A butter knife and an old rag will deal with the worst dirt on a duct rack!

Source: Home Sweet Homebodies

3) Add some detergent for floors in the toilet brush holder. That brush will never give off weird smells again.

Source: Smart School House

4) A Magic Eraser Sponge is incredibly effective for washing baseboards on the wall! You know all those shoe marks that are so difficult to wash off that you feel the need to repaint everything? Try it!

Source: The Country Chic Cottage

5) Textile softener sheets remove soap stains on shower doors as if by magic! Their rough texture serves as an abrasive!

Source: Wonder How To

6) Make your hardwood floors shine like never before!

Combine 1/2 cup (126 mL) white vinegar, 15 mL (1 tablespoon) Castile soap, 65 mL (1/4 cup) rubbing alcohol and 500 mL (2 cups) hot waterin a spray bottle and wash your floors with this mixture.

Source: Thrifty Fun

7) For impeccable tap handles, you should also wash their interior. Unscrew old handle models and use cotton swabs to wash the rust inside the handles, where the rusty screw is located. Your handles will shine like new!

Source: What's Up Fagans

8) If your garbage disposal smells odd, it's probably because food has stuck to the inside of it. Use an old toothbrush to scrub off those residues from time to time by pulling on the rubber that serves as protection for the garbage disposal.

Source: Family Handyman

9) Make the top of your stove shine like new by mixing baking soda, some blue Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Make a nice paste that you will apply everywhere on the stove. Leave on for about 15 minutes, then wipe off with damp paper towels.

Source: Happy Mama Tales

10) Vacuum a dozen "Downy Unstopables" beads with your vacuum cleaner if it gives off bad odors when you turn it on. With this trick, the heat of the motor will activate the fragrance of the Unstopables and the sweet fragrance should perfume your vacuum cleaner for a few weeks.

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

11) Make a paste with baking soda and a little water to make the kitchen sink shine more than ever! Apply the paste all over the sink. Leave the dough in place for about ten minutes. Then scrub the sink in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Source: Cooktop Cove

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