11 incredible chicken coops! Unusual ideas and inspiration to help you!

Fresh eggs every morning!

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Can you imagine fresh eggs every morning for breakfast! How great that would be! Are you lucky enough to live on a farm and have chickens? Did you know that you can now have backyard chickens? 

If you are still on the fence, here are some chicken coop ideas that will certainly convince you!

Under each pictures, you will find the links to the plans to help you build your own. 

1. Chicken Palace

Source: backyardchickens.com/a/the-palace

2. Rooftop Garden 

Sourcce: protv.ro/stiri/a-construit-un-cotet-de-gaini-dar-toti-au-ramas-impresionati-de-rezultat-lucrarea-lui-este-de-a-dreptul.html

3. Wood Pallets 

Source: communitychickens.com/cool-coops-pallet-coop

4. Up-cycled Dresser 

Source: smart-magazine.com/post/what-can-cities-learn-from-rural-areas

5. Small & Useful  

Source: howtobuildachickencoopmanual.com

6. Simple & Easy 

Source: pvcplans.com/pvc-pastured-poultry-pen.htm

7. Blue Coop 

Source: housewivesofriverton.com/2011/10/build-your-own-chicken-coop-story-of.html

8. Recycled Kid Swing 

Source: whenshtf.com/threads/34270-Swingset-Chicken-Coop-Conversion-Project

9. Chicken Playground 

10. Beautiful Wooden Coop 

Source: howtobuildachickencoopmanual.com

11. Trampoline Coop


Source: alipac.us/f31/basic-list-suggested-items-long-term-survival-154825/index265.html

Do you have a favourite? If you are new to hens, here is an article that will help you: 12 useful tips for raising backyard chickens.

Good luck!