11 little and easy DIYs that add character to your home

Decorate your home with DIY projects

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If you like decorations that stand out from what we found in the shops, you'll love these ideas !

Because you won't find this kind of decoration in shops, unless you visit craft shops, but . . . it will be very expensive !

If you are looking for an original way to personalize your home, take inspiration from these ideas ! And create decorations that look like you.

Do you like DIY ? So you will love these ideas !

Here are 11 DIY projects that will add character to your home :

1) This DIY project can be used to make earrings, or to decorate a chandelier! Use metal wire, PVA glue and glitter to make pretty pendants.

Source : instructables.com

2) Reuse the broken pieces of a Terra Cotta pot to make a fairy garden!

Source : restorationredoux.com

3) With a flower vase, a faucet, and a lamp stand, make a nice lamp with LED lights.

Source : henavagepatch.com

4) Wood and aluminum is a good combination! Glue metal pieces or mirrors onto a stained wooden board or stained serving tray.

Source : housefulofhandmade.com

5) Create a terrarium with different colors and different textures!

Source : yellowbrickhome.com

6) Spray a color of your choice on a dinosaur figurine to make it a funny toilet paper roll holder !

Source : The Chic Site

7) Use plastic tubes to make a beautiful decoration with flowers !

Source : thisgrandmaisfun.com

8) A wooden headboard will be beautiful if you drill holes with an electric drill and insert a light bulb into each small hole. Use a string of LED lights. They do not emit heat.

Source : callmefudge.com

9) Make a rug with pieces of fabric, it will be easier if you use a sewing machine.

Source : abeautifulmess.com

Source : abeautifulmess.com

10) Use a hole saw to pierce the top of plastic animals and make flower pots for your cacti, or Aloe plant or Succulent plants.

Source : ehow.com

11) And the last idea, use a hanging basket and wool to make a chandelier with pompoms !

Source : lovemaegan.com

Source : lovemaegan.com