11 unexpected ways to use baking soda.

Practical tips for the house!

Tips and Crafts

We should always, always have some at home! Of course, everyone has it in the kitchen. But are you just using it to cook?

Did you know that it was so useful? In addition to being so economical, it will be used as a soft abrasive for a thousand things to do all over the house and for body care.

Baking soda is so cheap that it should always be part of our grocery list!

1- A PERFECT BODY SCRUB: Mix some baking soda with warm water to exfoliate the skin of your face in no time. Rinse thoroughly and pat a clean towel to gently dry your skin.


2- A NATURAL HAIR CARE: Sprinkle some baking soda in the palm of your hand and add your favorite shampoo. Wash your hair as usual. Baking soda will eliminate some residues that many shampoos will never get rid of. A good way to get rid of oily hair.


3FOR FRESH-CUT FLOWERS: Dilute a little baking soda in the water of a vase of fresh-cut flowers. Your flowers will last longer. It is a good weed killer and also fights parasites!


4- BAD BREATH: Gargle with a mixture of 1 tsp baking soda in a glass of water to eliminate bad breath!


5- INSECT BITES: 10 ml water (2 teaspoons) and 15 ml (1 tablespoon) baking soda will make a paste that you can apply with a cotton swab on a bite to reduce the itching. It's awesome!


6- HOUSEHOLD CLEANING: A little of this magic powder on a clean damp cloth or wet sponge will help you clean everything up! The stove, the pots, the sinks of the house, the bathtub, the shower, the floor, EVERYTHING!

I make a paste with a little water that I let about ten minutes in my oven. Then I barely need to scrub to remove any dirt residue. It's amazing!

BONUS! Do you want the paste to be even more effective? Spray white vinegar! The mixture will foam! Leave a few minutes! Use paper towels to clean the oven! Rinse thoroughly and wash as usual!


7- REPLACE THE DEODORANT TEMPORARILY: Unexpected guests are coming to your house? No time to take a shower! OOPS no more DEODORANT! A little baking soda on a cotton pad and pat on the armpits! It will save your life until you have time to take a good shower!


8- DIGESTION PROBLEM: 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of baking soda in a glass of water and mix well. Drink and crunch a slice of lemon! If you eat a food that gives you digestive problems, ingest this mixture, as soon as the meal is over!


9- WHITE TEETH: Add some baking soda on your toothbrush and brush as usual. Warning! Don't do this too often. Use this technique occasionally only.




-5 ml (1 teaspoon) DAWN dish soap otherwise your normal dish soap, but DAWN is very effective

-46 to 75 ml (3 to 4 tablespoons) hydrogen peroxide

-Few tablespoons baking soda to make a nice dough


1) Mix all these ingredients

2) Apply to the stain and let 1 hour. Or, all night, the mixture will not damage the fabric.

3) Then, scrub with a brush

TIP: If you add a spray nozzle to the peroxide bottle, leave the liquid in its original bottle.

In a clear bottle, the peroxide would lose its properties.

11- DEODORIZE THE MATTRESSES: Sprinkle an entire box with a sieve on your mattress. Leave on for a few hours, Baking soda will absorb bad smells. Then vacuum all over the mattress. You can add essential oil of your choice over your mattress.

Keep these little tips in mind, you never know when you'll need them!