12 crochet dolls patterns that you will fall in love with.

These are just too adorable, which one to pick first?

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Published 3 years ago
12 crochet dolls patterns that you will fall in love with.

 Did you know that knitting and crochet can help relieve depression? This craft release an hormone called serotonin which is a a natural anti-depressant! And let's be honest, crocheted items are so cute! 

If you are looking for a new project, here are 12 crochet dolls patterns that are just to adorable.

1. Beautiful Crochet Dolls Holding Handbags

These sweet dolls are about 11 inch (28 cm) tall and are adorable! Get the pattern here

Etsy - BunniesandYarn

2. Cute Crochet Ballerinas 

If your daughter or grand-daughter is a little ballerina herself, she would love this doll! The pattern is available here

Etsy - BunniesandYarn

3. Adorable Unicorn Doll 

Called "Vicky" this cute crochet doll has a unicorn hat! Here is the pattern. 

Etsy - anniasCraft

4. Cute Curly Hair Doll

This beautiful 21 inches tall doll is really popular and named "Sarah". It is available here

Etsy - anniasCraft

5. Amigurumi Doll 

This cute little doll is only about 6 inches! If you are looking for a small project, this is it

Etsy - RNata

6. Princess Jasmine Crochet Doll 

Perfect for intermediate skilled crocheter, this beautiful Jasmine doll makes a perfect gift!  You can get the pattern here

Etsy - CrownCountryCrochet

7. Crochet Flower Pot Dolls

One of our favourite! You can get this adorable pattern free here


8. Cutest Little Crochet Dolls

How cute are these?! Get the details here

live internet

9. Crochet Fairy Dolls

These adorable fairy dolls are best suited for an intermediate to advance level crocheter. Get the pattern here

Etsy - LydiawlcMW

10.  Crochet Thumbelina Doll

Look at those eyelashes! This pattern also includes video instructions!

Etsy - MyCroWonders

11. Mermaid Crochet Doll

How cute is this little mermaid doll! Get the free pattern here


12. Princess Crochet Blanket

These little princess blankets are a perfect gift for a baby shower! Get the instructions here

The Whoot

Which one is your favourite pattern? We love them all!

Source: The Whoot