12 fabulous ideas to beautify your garden

With all these ideas you can't go wrong with your own creations in your garden!

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12 fabulous ideas to beautify your garden

Here are 12 wonderful ideas to turn your garden into an blissful hideaway you'll want to spend all your time in!

All these ideas are easy to recreate yourself and you'll even have fun dong them!

If you are on the page of Tips and Crafts, it means you enjoy DIY projects! You'll really enjoy doing most of these small projects.

Some of these ideas do require a few small purchases.

You'll thus find all the links with photos and descriptions to explain how you should proceed.

For the rest, you'll be able to figure it all out yourself because they're all so simple!

Here are 12 great ideas to beautify your garden!

Decorate a tree in your garden for welcoming fairies! The kids will simply see flames!


You got a new bird bath because the old one was no longer very white? Reuse the old one as a beautiful planter!


Cross thread along a wall to guide your plants to grow strategically!


Get LED fairy lights to give the illusion that drops of water are spilling from a watering can in the middle of the night!


You can find fairy lights at different prices on the internet.


You broke a terracotta pot? Do not throw it away! Use it in a fairy garden!


Keep your old, stained bird bath to make it into a pretty fairy garden!


Deviate the stream of water streaming from the gutter using an old rubber boot!


Rather than pay big bucks to get this big stump dug out of your garden because it


A bird bath does not need to be like all the others .... A terracotta saucer placed on a beautiful tree stump will make a much more beautiful and unique bird bath!


Logs will make the most enchanting paths you could ever dream of having!


This old piece of wood has been hanging outside for years and has finally bleached ... By digging out a portion, you can plant succulent plants inside it. They will be perfectly happy here since they do not need a lot of soil or water!

Succulents can be found at any garden center near you.