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12 Halloween costume ideas for a group of friends.

Because it's much more fun with friends!

Tips and Crafts

Are you nostalgic for your teenage years, when you went in grou[ from door to door to collect candy, perhaps all dressed up under a common theme? Or when you were trying to win the prize for the best costume, in a bar or a college party?

This year, you can relive that group spirit by celebrating Halloween with friends and wearing a themed costume that brings everyone together!

It's funny, it attracts admiring and amused glances and it's so much better when there are several of you!

You still have time to prepare a costume that will bring your loved ones together! To help you, here are some inspirations!

1. Bottles of wine

Rosé, red and white. The perfect trio!

2. Dorothy, Glinda and the Tornado, from The Wizard of Oz.

It’s the tornado that really makes this trio so interesting!

3. Do you get it?

It's... French Kiss!

4. 3 versions of Britney Spears

Do you remember all of them?

5. Jars of spices

Or the “Spice Girls”!

6. The weather

Where is the sun?

7. All versions of Forrest Gump

A beautiful tribute to the classic film!

8. Ben & Jerry’s jars

Assorted flavors!

9. A collection of Barbie dolls

Ken is a lucky guy!

10. The 4 seasons

Quite simple to make and super pretty!

11. Little aliens in Toy Story


12. The universe of Pac-Man

To remember all those coins left in the arcade!

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? Do you have a costume yet?