12 herbs you can grow in water, all year round!

Cultivate your own herbs, at home!

Tips and Crafts

Herbs all year round! Just by growing them in the water! It's so easy! Sometimes I wonder why we’re not making an effort to eat fresh and save some money.

If you have glasses and fresh water, you can grow these herbs from your window. Mason jars will look great on the edge of your window!


Chives are part of the onion family and are very easy to grow. You can also use chives in a multitude of dishes, much more than you can ever imagine! Try it! This herb needs a lot of water and sunlight to get better growth results.

Growing peppermint is a very clever idea if you like tea, soup or even oils! You will also love the sweet smell of this herb which is also a great spider natural repulsive! Place peppermint plants here and there, spiders hate the smell of it! Perfect to grow on the edge of a window!


Sage has a delicious fragrance that makes it a popular choice for medicinal purposes. Alternative medicine uses it regularly. Sage is often used in cooking with eggs, chicken, lamb, or pineapple. You’ll decide where to use it, follow your tastes! Add some to your favorite meal! Sage does not need much water and should be placed in moderate sunlight.

Fresh oregano is delicious in pasta sauce, soups and many other dishes! This is a must have in the kitchen! Simply cut off a few leaves and add them to your dishes. Oregano needs sunlight and plenty of water!

This famous Italian herb grows very well in water and is highly popular for many recipes including sauces and soups. Make sure the water pot receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.


Ideas are endless with thyme. Its flowers are edible! You can also harvest the leaves just before it starts flowering. Use the leaves to cook. Thyme needs a lot of sunlight!

Stevia is a natural sweetener. You can use this herb to soften your tea or coffee. This herb needs a little bit of sunlight but can also grow indoors.


Use rosemary for all your favorite chicken recipes! Rosemary makes an excellent indoor plant for a sunny spot.

The leaves are great for making tea. Lemon balm reduces anxiety, helps to digest and helps having a good night sleep. It needs plenty of sunlight.

Coriander is excellent for all Mexican-inspired dishes. Coriander needs a lot of sunlight but you could also grow it indoors.


Lavender is well known to help when you suffer from depression, migraines, insomnia etc. Make yourself a tea with lavender leaves. This herbs needs sunlight and fresh air to grow well.

Use marjoram for spicy chicken or beef dishes. You also can make oils or bath soaps with it. It grows very well indoors but even better in full sunlight, on the edge of a window. That one is a little slower to grow than other herbs. You have to be patient.