12 original DIY projects with nail polish, the last one is so useful.

Upcycle your nail polish!

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12 original DIY projects with nail polish, the last one is so useful.

I do not know about you, but I never fully finish nail polish. Even worse, I even have nail polishes at home that I have never used! I found them very pretty in the shop, but once I came home, nah ... I didn't want them anymore! So I end up with dozens and dozens of nail polish that I do not use because I always use the same ones.

So these 12 DIY projects are great to use all my nail polishes! Take a look at these beautiful ideas! You will find something to do to not waste all these beautiful nail polish!

Here are 12 DIY projects with nail polish:

1) Paint sunglasses that we paid $ 2 or $ 3 ! This is a very good idea !

Source : prettylifegirls.com

2) Paint headphones so you won't lose them anymore and your little brother won't steal them !

Source : cremedelacraft.com

3) Decorate cocktail glasses.

Source : Mommylikewhoa.com

4) Decorate your shoes !

Source : popcosmo.com

5) Paint a clear phone case ! This is a great idea !

Source : gavandro.com

6) Paint ceramic tiles to make coasters:

Use the same water and nail polish technique for the coasters, with water at room temperature and plastic bowl. Add drops of nail polish of different colors in the water, then stretch the drops of nail polish with toothpicks to make filaments in the water. Then dip the ceramic tiles vertically in the water and take them out to let them air dry. Once the nail polish is dry, apply a layer of Mod Podge, then a second layer when the first one is dry.

Source : muminthemadhouse.com

7) Make beautiful necklaces !

Source : ohthelovelythings.com

8) Or paint wooden beads to make your own necklaces !

Source : aprettyfix.com

9) Make a flower wreath with metal wire and nail polish... You need to be patient! But the result is beautiful. You have to add the nail polish on the edges, inside the petals, one layer at a time, until all the petals are completely filled with nail polish to make completely colored flowers.

Source : Facebook.com/easycraftsideas

10) Bobby Pins are essential for you? So, add some color to your hairstyles!

Source : theresakistel.com

11) Make original and colorful chopsticks! Each guest will have a color!

Source : makeup.com

12) Each key has a color! This is a great idea !

Source: jewelpie.com