12 ways to organise a reading area for your child or grandchild in his own room.

15 great original ideas for a dream reading space to encourage children to read more!

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The majority of children see reading as a a chore. And it is quite normal ... Except, if reading time is fun and less boring! By creating an enchanting space for example, where they will like to spend time, they will like to read. Children likes to play and don't want to be bored or annoyed with things they don't like. Do things differently!

"Children, would you like to have a nice reading space in your room? We would do it together. And this area will be forbidden to adults! You can read quietly, alone, or together if you like. But without a parent. Do you like it?"

No child would refuse such an offer! And you will see that reading times will be much easier during the week.

"Julianne, why would not you go and relax in your reading area after your bath before going to sleep? I'm coming in 20 minutes!"

Try it! You will love it!

Here are 15 great ideas to create beautiful reading space!

1) Add shelves, a lamp to the wall and a bean bag! So easy!

Photo credit:visualmeringue.blogspot

2) A bed canopy, lights, fake furs and cushions!

Photo credit: femina.ch

3) Two shelves, curtain rod and two sheers!

Photo credit: decouvrirdesign.com

4) 4 pieces of wood held by 2 screws and nuts, 1 another on the top, 2 panels of curtains and white Christmas lights!

Photo credit: sundaybaker.net

5) A toy hoops and very colorful fabrics, a big cushion for wicker chair and red tulle!

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6) A tent and cushions!

Photo credit:Bobby rabbit

7) A nice fabric that matches the colors of the room, hanged by a log of wood suspended by two ropes, 2 hooks screwed to the ceiling.

Photo credit:Scandinavian deko

8) Cushions on a wooden pallet (treated HT = suitable for interior, if treated MB just good for outside) And a bed canopy

Photo credit:idees-maison.over-blog

9) 2 panels of curtains, fake fur and cushions in a wardrobe that was not used!

Photo Credit: casatv.ca

10) A skylight, curtains, shelves and a bean bag!

Photo credit: thesemomentsofmine.com

11) If you like extraordinary stuff, you'll love this! The balloon chair! 

12) Reading spaces that are not common! Modules specially designed to be fixed to the wall!

Photo Credit: pinterest.ca

Photo Credit: pinterest.ca

Photo Credit: pinterest.ca

Photo Credit: pinterest.ca