13 great ways to petroleum jelly (Vaseline!)

Such an inexpensive but useful product!

Tips and Crafts

Vaseline is a petroleum-based gel often used in home remedies, for skin care and for DIY. Even though there are many misconceptions about the uses of petroleum jelly, you can get all the benefits without the drawbacks by using this product properly. Learn how to use petroleum jelly with the list below.

1. Avoid staining

Before colouring you hair, apply petroleum jelly on your forehead, around the face and on the ears. This will prevent the dye to stain your skin! 

2. Exfoliate the skin 

Mix some Vaseline with sugar, coarse salt or coffee to create a DIY body scrub! 100% effective and very cheap! 

3. Make-up remover

Use Vaseline to remove make-up such as mascara and red lipstick. Simply apply some of the jelly on a cotton pad to gently remove the makeup.

4. Soften the skin

Use Vaseline after a hair removal session to help soften the skin and help with the irritation. 

5. Tame split ends 

Small amounts of petroleum jelly can help you tidy up your hair, lock in moisture, and treat dry scalp problems. However, you must use petroleum jelly sparingly, because it is very difficult to remove it, it is still a very effective treatment in some cases.

6. Speed up the wound healing process

Apply Vaseline to help speed up cuts and scars - but do not apply on burnt skin. 

7. Soften cuticles

To give yourself a manicure at home, apply Vaseline to your cuticles to help soften the skin around the nails.

8. Keep perfume last longer

Before applying your favourite perfume, just apply a small amount of petroleum jelly before and then spray it. Focus on the wrists and neck area. 

9. Soften and hydrate cracked heels 

Avoid cracked heels by putting Vaseline every night before bed. Tip: Apply generously Vaseline on your feet then put on a pair of extra-soft socks to create a homemade feet mask!

10. Helps remove rings

Just apply petroleum jelly on the finger and rotate the ring incessantly until it comes off.

11. Soften the lips

 Vaseline is indeed an excellent lip balm.

12. Keep eyeshadow longer 

Petroleum jelly can be used as a makeup fixative. Just use a little on the eyelid before applying makeup.

13. Shoe shiner

Use a small amount to make your shoes and bags shine. You can quickly restore shine and texture to your shoes, bags and other surfaces by applying a very small amount. It's a simple and inexpensive way to make them shine.