13 tips to save you a lot of time in your busy life.

You had to think about it!

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Simple tips!

These genius time-saving tips are incredibly useful for all busy parents who have too much things to do at the same time.

Today's families are often in a hurry; especially when both parents work. It can be very difficult to assume all responsibilities, especially when you have children at school and extracurricular activities!

Take the time to read these amazing tips that will help families save time!

Trick 1

Prevent baby from opening the drawers! If your drawers allow this configuration, why not? The problem is solved!

Tip 2

Want to keep an eye on your kids playing in the basement? Install a mirror, so you can keep an eye on them!

Tip 3

Clean baby plastic toys by placing them in the dishwasher! Why waste your time cleaning them one by one? To make sure there is no soap left; do an extra rinse!

Tip 4

Place small magnets on your children's favorite glasses so they can take them on the fridge. They can take them whenever they want and use them, or they will be easily accessible for you!

Tip 5

Do you have twins or two young kids who are almost the same age? A black dot on the label represents one of your child and two black dots, the other one! No need to write the full name or even the initials!

Trick 6

Always carry a small plastic basket in the car; it can be convenient for putting food in restaurants and ensuring that children can eat!

Tip 7

Easily store the Legos!Are you tired of finding Lego blocks everywhere? A suspended plastic storage for shoes is great!

Tip 8

Your child needs new shoes but you don't want him/her to be tired with shopping? Trace the outline of his/her feet and take the drawing to the store with the latest sizes of his/her shoes!

Trick 9

Do you need to keep your child busy for a few minutes without placing it in front of the TV? He/She could decorate his/her new cardboard house?

Trick 10

Save time by freezing your sandwiches in advance! Make sure, that the main ingredient of sandwiches can be frozen and that's it!

Trick 11

What do you think of these healthy snacks? Take some yogurt and freeze it! Your kids will love it! It's simple and healthy!

Trick 12

Do you think that's tricky to give medicine to the children medication, and you lose the number of days and the number of doses? Write directly the doses on the jars!

Hoping that these simple tips will help people who are running out of time!

Tip 13

Last but not least, if your boy learns to urinate by himself (because he becomes a big boy), why not encourage him to be precise by adding a target to the bottom of the toilet?