14 beautiful birthday cake ideas for your kids!

Beautiful birthday cakes

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14 beautiful birthday cake ideas for your kids!

When we have children, we want every birthday to be special, magical, sublime! And the birthday cake is often the masterpiece of the party. The problem is that commercial cakes can be very expensive . . . and often quite bad !

So, nothing better than creating a fabulous dessert yourself, at home, by controlling the ingredients. But to do this, no need to buy expensive pans and accessories !

To inspire you in your future creations, here are 14 ideas. Even adults will want these cakes for their own parties! About the recipes, use your favorites! There is a multitude on the Web, by the way.

1. A princess castle cake made with cones and tartlets

Prepare the cake recipe of your choice, cut 4 slices in the "sides" to install tartlets and cones towers. Glaze and decorate according to your imagination! Magical!

Source : momes.net

2. A simple mustache cake

Prepare a round cake and cut it like in the picture. Garnish with chocolate ganache or with frosting of the color of your choice! Easy!

Source : maikonagao.blogspot.com

3. A cute dragon cake

Prepare a cake in a Bundt pan. Cut it out like in the picture. Spread a generous layer of colored frosting and decorate it with candies, marshmallows, liquorice or colored objects.

Source: parents.com

4. A Little Mermaid cake

Prepare round cakes of different sizes and put them on top of each other, use frosting to keep them together. Decorate the cake and drop a figurine of the Little Mermaid at the top!

Source: cakes.com

5. A fire truck cake

A rectangular cake. You will need to wrap the cake with fondant, this project is quite easy!

Source: allomamandodo.com

6. A hedgehog cake

A circular cake, slightly cut, some frosting, Smarties or M&M and stick biscuits e.g. Mikado. Everything to make the children happy!


Source: lepetitsaintmard.free.fr

7. A Mickey Mouse chocolate cake

One big round cake and two little ones. And lots of chocolate! You can also choose to draw the face with colored frosting!

Source: thatswhatchesaid.net

8. A rabbit cake

Whether you want it white, pink or another color, the principle remains the same. Two circular cakes and then you need to cut!

Source: odelices.com

9. A Spiderman cake

Once again, take the round cake of your choice. If desired, you can add frosting or ganache in the middle and cover the cake with fondant. Form the face of this famous superhero and decorate with fondant.

Source: cestmamanquilafait.com

10. A ladybug cake 

To make this cute cake, use a dome-shaped mold. Then give life to your beautiful ladybug with red, black and white fondant!

Source: odelices.com

11. Hobbit house cake

A few layers of cake, a lot of icing, candies, cookies, pretzels, etc. to build the decor. Wow!

Source: overtheappletree.blogspot.com

12. An elephant cake

To make this cute cake, take out your dome-shaped molds and some fondant and let your creativity run wild!

source: Pinterest

13. A Husky cake

Draw the parts of your dog on paper, to have a template, then cut out the parts in two rectangular shaped cakes. Then make the cute dog and add frosting on top!

Source: bettycrocker.com

14. A princess (or prince) crown cake

Draw a crown on paper, cut out a rectangular cake following the pattern. Garnish with frosting, choose the favorite color of the child. You can add candies!

Source: bettycrocker.com