14 good ideas to think about before you leave for your next road trip

Be ready for your next road trip!

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Do you love traveling the roads of Quebec with children during the summer holidays? Traveling with children is not always easy. Let's be honnest ...

That's why we show you 14 good ideas to make before you hit the road, and make your next trip with children as pleasant as possible! You will even find a tip for a pet if you don't have children!

Would you like to make your life easier ...?

Here are 14 good ideas to prepare before a road trip:

1) Use silicone molds to protect the cupholders from little damages. It will be much easier to clean the silicone molds than the cupholders.

Source: Kidsactivites.

2) Use dryer sheets to remove dead insects on the headlights of the car! Driving at night with dirty headlights, it's exhausting.

Source: diyhowto.org

3) Make a secret compartment to store valuables or personal effects in the car with a mint container and glue a piece of black Eva foam. Sometimes we go to the toilets on highways, if a door was not locked, your money would be safe.

Source: gadgethacks.com

4) Prepare snacks for the whole journey, for the children!

Source: .ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

5) Simply put wax cubes in a Mason jar with a lid that you have drilled with a nail and a hammer. When the sun hits the jar and the metal lid, it will melt the wax and your car wil smell good.

Source: washerdryercomboz.com

6) Make a hammock for your pet!

Source: choosingtobecolorful.com

7) Make sure you have good tires before driving. Safety is number one priority.

Source: Pinterest

8) A plastic box to keep the cereals will be perfect to make a trash in the car! Use velcro to attach it, add several garbage bags in the bottom of the box and a garbage bag in the box to throw away your things.

Source: tripsavvy.com

9) If you have a big family, you will be very happy to discover this hack! Add a muffin tin in a plastic basket so you do not spill any drinks in the car!

Source: frugalcouponliving.com

10) Use carabiners clips to hold everything you want!

Source: hgtv.com

11) Use a Tupperware popsicle mold to organize things in the car.

Source: hgtv.com

12) Get a stick-on slim basket for your phones.

Source: pinterest.ca

13) Use coffee filters to dust the dashboard!

Source: thekrazycouponlady.com

14) Use small bags from Dollar stores and UnSpottables to make bags to perfume the car!

Source: simplemost.com