14 great ideas to hide garbage and recycling bins around your house.

You will find the tip you need, depending on your home!

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We invest time and money in our backyard to make it nice. We certainly do not want everything to be ruined by our recycling bin and our bin.

But how can we do?

Here are 14 great and original ideas to hide garbage and recycling containers in your garden!

1) A very small wall with hinges and castors, decorated with a gardener does the work!

Source: inspideco.org

2) A good way to avoid expenses is to recover wooden pallets to make the enclosure for the garbage and recycling bins

Source: diybastelideen.com

3) By making the box a little higher, the air circulates a little more, so the bad smells escape a little more easily.

Source: inspideco.org

4) The trellis is useful to have privacy but also to hide a lot of stuff in the garden.

Tip: And the idea of growing flowers on the top of the box is simply wonderful since they also hide bad smells!

Source: primrose.co.uk

5) A very eco-friendly model with lawn on the top and a wire mesh on the side to grow the climbing plants of your choice

Source: inspideco.org

6) Make an enclosure for the garbage bin and 2 bins for recycling. Easy to open from the top and front.

Source: debuitenboel.nl

7) Low walls made of wooden slats!

Source: 1001pallets.com

8) Simple but effective, a big wooden box that can be opened in front and on the top!


9) A more modern look, a wall of painted beams and planks painted in black, decorated with a rocky floor.

Source: inspideco.org

10) Large slats of wood, easily opens on top to throw trash and front to bring garbage and recycling easily to the street!

Source: pallet-projects.blogspot.fr - JANDK B

11) The trellis will always have its place in a garden! If you like bright colors! And let the climbing plants grow on this one!

Source: inspideco.org

12) Hide the bins with printed self-adhesive film!

Source: inspideco.org

13) On a wooden slatted floor, build an enclosure for the garbage bin and 2 bins for recycling!

Source: primrose.co.uk

14) Just get louvered shutters!

Source: inspideco.org